Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Glitter and Gold

The stars are calling out to me. They wink at me, promising me new lands and stories. They know I want to see them all. They tease me, because they know I can't.

The stars, they seem so lovely. They shine bright enough to mesmerize me, then dim themselves right before I can blink.

They seem so mysterious; are they holding back more secrets than I should want to know? They smile at me indulgently; maybe the hushed whispers are just my imagination.

The stars, they make me want to touch them. They don't tell me that I will burn if I do. They want me to burn.

They don't let me look away, the stars. There's always a newer one shining - just for me, it seems.

The stars, I keep believing they're my friends. I am never told they never were. They're my constant companions. I do not know any better.

The stars are my destiny, they tell me. I'm just a speck of dust, waiting to become what I can never be. What I should never be. They never tell me this.

The stars. They're so pretty with the moon and light. And I will never know their truth.