Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One of None

She looked at the time on her phone yet again. Not even a minute had passed. But it was hours since she had sent out a post.

Dawn was approaching fast, it seemed to her, and no one had given any reaction to what she supposed would be a very reactable news.

Yet no one was saying a word.

Where is everyone?

Never had she felt more alone, in that moment. The blissfully asleep figure sharing her bed just snored in agreement to her thoughts.

She thought about what she'd read that day, and what made her write the post in the first place. Her straying mind allowed her a few minutes of calm that was going to be disturbed all over again once she reached the end of her thought process. It was inevitable. It boiled down to the same question. Over and over again. There really was no answer.

Where is everyone?

How did this not work when it was she who did the talking? Had she not put in her two pence of opinionated monologues for everyone else's?

It then struck her. She felt like a burden was both placed on and lifted off her shoulders. She should have felt liberated, but the realization made her feel trapped.

Then came the crashing sadness that settled in like it was home. There was only one comfort and remedy to this. But the solutions seemed so far out of her reach. So far that it probably was more anger and stubbornness rather than desperation that held on to what she called self-respect. It only made her feel madder. And worse.

If only someone knew intuitively what must be done. But, it seemed to her loneliness was her only friend. This time, she really wanted to just know.

Where is everyone?


  1. "Then came the crashing sadness that settled in like it was home." I like how this sentence brings the point home. Yes, I word play-ed. :P

  2. One of None is like the One of Everyone... Awesome :D